Tap ‘n’ Build series has been created by a single indie game developer Risto Prins.

Minion Cannon – Spinner legend run Features
* 30 unique characters to choose from
* Endless amount of procedural generated levels to finish
* All levels are endless !
* tons of cool bubbly bubbles to pop
* several bouncy boosters, to shoot you up into the sky
* Many different spikes to end your run
* Bombs with explosive consequences, that push you forward
* Lots of permanent speed and health upgrades to acquire
* Must have power ups to get you out of a sticky situation, and help you reach the finish line
* Plus much more to secrets to discover
Minion Cannon - Spinner Legend Run

Tap ‘n’ Build Features
* 7 different resources to gather by tapping
* 14 different tools to craft + upgrades
* 14 different machines to build + upgrades
* Endless amount of castle to build
* Plus much more to things to discover
* Get it now from Google Play .

Tap ‘n’ Build 2 Features
* 7 awesome towers with 2 unique upgrade paths
* 20 different minions with an upgrade
* Spawn the minion as boss, by just holding down the button
* 3 different game modes in single player
* 6 different game modes in multi player
* Two-player co-operative play
* 7 different resources to gather by tapping + gold coins
* 14 different tools to craft + upgrades
* 14 different workers to hire
* Systematic building and upgrading to challenge your game management skills.
* Plus much more to things to discover
* Get it now from Google Play.
TapnBuild 2




The story of Tap ‘n’ Build series (@medium.com)


my name is Risto Prins and I am completely new to programming and making games overall.I had been a welder over 4 years, before I lost my job.That’s when I decided to try something new, while I’m searching for a job.The development of Tap ‘n’ Build started.

The internet is full of information. If you wanna learn something, then it’s pretty impossible, not to find any information about it. So the development of Tap ‘n’ Build looked something like this :

Think, what you want to add to your game  => google how to do it => understand it => apply it to your game in your own way.

But first I needed a game engine, where I can develop my game.I chose Unity GameEngine, because it’s powerful and I started to understand it pretty easily.

Making the game took more than 2 months.Started at the beginning of March and the game was pretty much ready in the middle of May. Pretty much ready, because it seems like it will never be ready. I mean,you can endlessly add items and update graphics. I still haven’t figured out if it’s ready for me or not, so I’m still trying to make it better.

If it’s any kind of inspiration at all, then at least to me it seems that, if you wanna learn something new, then all it takes is an interest and time to do it. I am so interested in making games, that there isn’t enough time anymore. It’s just so fulfilling to make things work in a game.

And now I made my second game : Tap ‘n’ Build 2. If you like the game, please don´t forget to rate it on Google Play, and also leave a review.