TapnBuild is a tower building game,where you are able to gather resources and buy items,tools and upgrades.Pretty cool right?


Who new,that building a castle can be so hard.The higher it goes,the more expensive it gets.Thankfully you are able to buy better tools to help you out.Each tool can also be upgraded at least twice.So a little investment will get things going much faster.

You can tap on the ” Mine “, to gather mineable resources.In TapnBuild, there are 5 different mineable resources:

” Picks ” , ” Stone ” , ” Iron ” , ” Gold ” and ” Diamonds “.

At the beginning, you don’t have anything.It would be pretty difficult to mine stone or any other resource with bare hands.That’s why, there are ” Picks “, a made up, suprisingly easy to mine resource.Even better, it can be used to build tools and items.Only ” Picks ” won’t cut it, you also need some other resources to build anything.It’s not that good of a resource.

The first tier of tools, you can build, is ” Basic “.Basic Pickaxe gives you the ability, to mine ” Stone “.Looks like it’s mostly made out of wood.It makes mining quite a bit faster.Basic axe makes gathering wood faster (no extra abilities with axes…sorry).

The second tier of tools is ” Better ” (bummer).Better Pickaxe gives you the ability to mine ” Iron “.It’s made out of stone,wood and picks.I’m not really sure, how the picks look like, but they are there.Better axe is a lot better axe, than Basic axe.

The third tier of tools is ” Advanced “.Advanced Pickaxe gives you the ability to mine ” Gold “.That doesn’t mean, your going to get rich, playing TapnBuild.I wish you would…but you won’t.Advanced axe is pretty advanced, considering it’s just an axe.

The fourth tier of tools is ” Ultimate “.Ultimate tier tools are ultimate, compared to the previous tiers.It kind of looks, like they are burning, so be careful (there are no gloves in this game, so good luck).

The fifth tier of tools is ” Golden “.Things are getting shiny…I like it.Golden Pickaxe gives you the ability to mine ” wait for it ” … ” Diamonds “.Yeah.Those things are hard to come by.Golden axe shines and flies airplanes…just kidding…it shines a little and chops wood.

The sixth tier of tools is ” Diamond “.Diamond Pickaxe is diamond pickaxe.It’s pretty much indestructable(like all the other tools in this game) and mines like a golden pickaxe…only faster.Diamond axe cuts trough anything…except diamond Pickaxe…and next tier tools.

The seventh tier of tools is ” Ultimate Diamond “.You don’t see such things in real life, so take a good hard look.It’s made out of diamonds and probably has wifi and all sorts of other things,to make you want it.Ultimate Diamond Pickaxe and Axe are the best and the most powerful tools in this game.You started out with nothing, and now you have them all.Congratulations.

How much can you actually tap?I mean,at some point you have to actually rest,don’t you?Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a machine,that will do the work for you?That is where the items come in play.Items in this game gather a certain amount of resources each second.They can also be upgraded at least twice.So sit back and relax.Items don’t get tired.They tap,and then,they tap some more.Tap tap tap.