Making of…

Tap Cannon

…in production since 20.06.2017


I figured that my next project is going to be a smaller one.

So the plan is to make the best Catapult/jumper game.

23.06.2017 and this is what I’ve got so far :

  • A placeholder cannon.(What would you prefer for launching ? How about a fidget spinner? 🙂 )
  • A placeholder bullet (minion from Tap ‘n’ Build 2). I’m thinking about making a bunch of different foods for bullets and let minions walk around and eat them 🙂 .(what would you use?)
  • Side scrolling background + nature assets.
  • Physics, that work well with all screen sizes.
  • Speed and meter counter, that behave equally with all screen sizes (that has been a headache for me).


  • Turned the terrain generation into an endless loop. The show will never stop.
  • Served some food in the best possible way… In a bubble. You can also POP it yourself.
Bubble Food
What is actually moving?

02.07.2017 Launch :

If you have any thoughts about this project, feel free to hit an email.

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